About Roel

Roel Leijten is a Dutch filmmaker specialized in travel, industrial and lifestyle images. Ever since he was a kid he wanted to create stories. During high school he borrowed the 8mm camera from his father to produce his very first short film and never stopped doing so. After studying International Media Management, he started his professional career as a filmmaker. 

Combining his passion for traveling with his work, Roel has traveled over more than 26 countries such as Japan, Colombia and Indonesia. The connection with a subject, wether it is for commercial or personal use, is vital in creating inspiring visuals. In this way he is able to produce quality content that engages audiences. 

At the age of 29, Roel is still developing his skills that thrive him to push creative boundaries. When he isn’t working on his commercial videos, Roel likes to read books, go to the cinema and work on long-term projects such as script writing and making (short) films. 


Clients include: