Ross Holidays is a Dutch travel agency that offers the largest range of holiday destinations in Greece. Their website has been updated with the latest booking and reservation technology. As part of this renewal, Ross Holidays wanted to create new content for usage on the website, newsletters and social channels to infotain their customers.

The case was to shoot content for the Pelopónnèsos region, Pilion, Corfu, Kefalonia, Ithaki, Lefkada, the Epíros and Zagoria Region including local highlights, top restaurants and the accommodations. We had the pleasure of having a private tour guide during the trip, which allowed us to shoot the real Greece in a various range of content. The editing of the videos is specially tuned to Ross’ target group which consists mostly of people within the age of 50+.

Photos below were taken on Lefkada and in the Epíros and Zagoria Region in Central Greece.

ClientRoss HolidaysServicesVideo, PhotographyYear2017Linkwww.youtube.com

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