After our first week in LA we slowly start to understand this city. The first impression; its HUGE. We decided to check out a lot of beaches in the first week since the weather is “High 80ies” (25 degrees Celsius).

Our favorite has got to be Venice, a real chill vibe mixed with skating, surfing and people watching. Also the Venice canals are perfect for a nice walk during sunset.

But when you are in Hollywood you have to check out the filmstudios. We stay just across the Paramount Studios, but went with Warner Brothers and driving around the sound stages was a lot of fun. We didn’t get to see a fully working set, but the place itself was massive. An entire warehouse full of props, Batmobiles, fake villages and 30 studios where they filmed a lot of the well known shows such as Friends.

On my first Hollywood meetings with local production companies I got to know the industry a bit better. I got some interesting follow-ups such as a good rental company, who are also very helpful with helping me on my short film. When you talk to people in this town, everybody is working on their ‘hustle’, trying to connect or helping people out. It gives that positive vibe that things can move very quickly. We have a lot of work lined up this week with Lenneke’s photoshoots and selecting the cast & crew for my upcoming short. TBC.